Analytical Reports, based on the blockchain realtime data

Report Content Open
Ethereum Network Current Stats Today statistics of the Ethereum network, including ETH, tokens and current ICOs
Ethereum Mixer Analytics Research of the anomaly of the transactions pattern, caused by the automatic "mixer", generated up to a half of all transactions in the network.
Token Dynamics Current and historical token exchange dynamics
Token Distribution Research on which token have statistics closer to the real "currency"
ERC721 Tokens and Collectibles ERC721 tokens analytics, starting from Crypto Kitties and exposed to several hundreds new tokens and ICOs
ICO Analysis and Trends Top ICO of all times and today, what tendencies they have, who and how participate in them
Smart Contracts Events and Methods Most popular methods and events of Smart Contracts
Ethereum Mining Who are minimg Ethereum, and how successfull. What are the biggest miners and how much of the network do they control
DAO Efficiency Analytics (WINGS) Example of DAO research based on WINGs platform. How well it operate and what effect it gives to clients and token holders