Blockchain analytics with Bloxy

Bitquery.io is as a source of open, reliable, verifiable and objective data about the blockchain. We help people and companies, who needs to analyze and act based on the information from the blockchain transactions. The approach we take is based on trusted-only data and clear mathematics. We avoid using any sources of data or approaches, that can not be verified by a blockchain community, or has any subjective influence.

This data is directly extracted from the public blockchain node and processed to be applicable for data mining, information retrieval, graph analysis, machine learning and other well known computer technologies. The data is available as an open interface for any usage and querying by users. Currently we give an access on a personal basis, as we have limited processing resources and the high demand in the service. The priority is given to science projects and demand for presentation papers on conferences. However, we are looking for all opportunities to make the data as open as possible to everybody interested. 

We use the most advanced warehouse technology, that enables to execute queries in realtime in the scope of all blockchain in the matter of milliseconds. The data you are accessing, is totally up to date and actual. It allows to make queries on all levels on granularity - from individual transactions to the aggregated report over several years, including millions transactions and addresses. This gives an unparalleled power to the analyst, using the Bitquery.io and a great level of flexibility. Example to reports are give on the website, in «Analytical Reports» menu.

You can get the following level on access to the data, based on your needs:

  1. Access to database with Ethereum blockchain data. It allows to make arbitrary queries if you are SQL programmer
  2. Analytical and reporting tool connected to the database. You can build own reports, graph and execute analysis inside the Web-powered UI, using SQL, graphs and tables. All Analytical Reports, presented on Bitquery.io web site, are built using this tool
  3. API to integrate the data you need into your web site or application. If you need specific data, we can provide you a custom source of data, and you can display it on your resource and use it for your needs.

Please, contact us, share your needs, we will find the most appropriate solution for your project.