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Многие публикации относятся к bloxy как к источнику надежной и объективной информации. Журналисты используют наши информационные панели, графики и номера в публикациях. Ученые и исследователи данных используют наши данные для вывода новых сведений о вселенной blockchain. Ниже приведен неполный список проницательных статей, основанных на данных bloxy, используя его в качестве реферала или базы информации.

Мы приветствуем всех, кто публикует статьи и исследования на основе наших необработанных данных или анализа. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами, чтобы добавить публикацию в список.

Useful resources for investors

"Bloxy.info is a really fantastic site which has flown under the radar for a long time. They have a wealth of information on all things Ethereum – all the ERC types, including nonfungibles – DEXes and multisig; really, an amazing source of information. They have a very cool page covering the purported ethereum ‘mixer’ which accounted for a lot of volume over the last 18 months. Bloxy is a terrific resource."

‘Our Cash Went to Something’: Customers Hunt for Bankrupt Crypto Exchange’s Missing Millions

"Cryptocurrency analysis firm Bloxy also tracked Quadriga's funds to ShapeShift."

DeFi Analytics

"Reports based on the blockchain realtime data: DEX Trades Analysis, DEX Arbitrage Analysis, Margin Trade Positions."

Come analizzare il mercato delle criptovalute: 3 trucchi del mestiere

"Bloxy, ad essempio, ha più funzionalità di Etherscan, ci sono grafici su ciascun indirizzo Gli indirizzi di criptovaluta vengono utilizzati per inviare o ricevere transazioni sulla rete. Solitamente un indirizzo si presenta come una stringa di caratteri alfanumerici. , si vede l’incremento delle transazioni e l’interazione degli indirizzi, inoltre è possibile ottenere informazioni sull’utilizzo dei token e le funzioni più utilizzate su ciascun token."

EY study: Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) The Class of 2017 – one year later

"ICO market is unregulated, there is no single source of ICO data, reporting standards or generally accepted methodology. The findings are preliminary and based on public sources, and EY cannot always match the information given by these sources with the transactional data available on the public blockchain. We based our study on project websites, the most popular crypto exchanges, ICO trackers, data aggregators and interviews.. Blockchain network scanners platforms: Bloxy.info"

Ongoing Investigation: Exit Scammers Attempting to Cash Stolen Token

"the flow of money constructed using our partner’s analytic tool, Bloxy.info"

Blockchain Startup Raises $3 Million To Become The Wikipedia Of Data

"Usage of Ethereum-based applications like CryptoKitties has dropped steeply."

Top investors gambled $12 million on the blockchain equivalent of Beanie Babies. Now, sales are plummeting.

"According to data from blockchain analytics sites Bloxy and Diar, the number of CryptoKitties transactions has fallen drastically in the last 3 months."

Digging deeper into cryptoassets: data and visualization resources

"Bloxy (www.bloxy.info): Bloxy is a great resource for token data on the Ethereum blockchain. Data can be sorted by ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-223, ERC-827 tokens. Specific tokens on the Ethereum blockchain can be examined with data points including number of transfers, unique sender/receivers, and volume. The token dynamics page provides visibility on top tokens, top tokens by number of transfers, statistics by different token types, and more. The ICO analysis and trends and analytical reports sections provide clean, data charts and visualizations. "

Les ventes de chatons virtuels CryptoKitties s'effondrent

"En effet, le nombre de transactions n'a cessé de chuter depuis décembre 2017, selon Bloxy et Diar, deux sites d'analyse spécialisés dans la blockchain. La cryptomonnaie affichait 80.500 transactions le 10 décembre et moins de 2000 le 17 juin, selon Bloxy."

The Blockchain Bubble's Latest Victim: Digital Cats

"Those figures, reported by Business Insider and based on blockchain research from Diar and Bloxy, provide grist for those who say the CryptoCurrency craze was just a flash-in-the-pan—notwithstanding the $12 million from bluechip VC firms Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures. "

The Rise of Crypto-Native Marketing Tools

"Yet, Endor*, Frst, Bloxy, Amberdata, KickCity, Pixel, Coinmetrics, and TokenData are all here. I call them “Crypto-Native” Marketing Technology."